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Thread: Teensy Loader won't open 256k Hex File

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    Teensy Loader won't open 256k Hex File

    I'm trying to load a .hex file that completely fills the Teensy's flash, and Teensy Loader gives an error "ihex: parse error line 16388". If I delete one byte from the .hex it loads fine. I'm using Teensy Loader 1.23

    I'm trying to put a CRC at the end of flash in case you're wondering why I need to fill the whole flash.

    Here are two sample files - Blink Example padded with 0xff's up to the end of flash and minus one byte.

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    I put a fix for this into 1.24-beta3.

    Please let me know if it works for you?

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    Sorry for the long delay in getting back. The new loader does work with a 256k hex file. Can you update the standalone Teensy Loader to the latest version at some point?

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