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Thread: Request: Castellated Edges on Teensy 3.1 PCB

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    Some pictures of the Photon's edges here:

    Looks like the narrow edges are V-scored, sorry if that doesn't show up so well in the quick photos. Teensy 3.1 has three edges to route, so that's more of a challenge, but the corner holes are shared across two edges, so maybe you can do V-score on the USB side, route + mouse bites on the other end. Maybe there's enough PCB material left on the corners that you can V-score both narrow edges (leaving space between each board for the routing).

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    Let's continue this talk of Castellated holes on the Teensy3++ thread:

    I'm closing this thread, mainly because 2 places about features requests, to refer back to later is twice as much work.... and I'm feeling lazy.

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