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Thread: dead teensy 2++?

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    dead teensy 2++?


    I have teensy 2++ that was working perfectly fine until it just stopped, for no reason, it was connected to a seed studio gprs 2 shield and stable 5v that came from a computer usb,

    It appears that the computer doesn't detect it and I cant seem to upload anything to it, moreover, it seems to be heating up a bit when I am connecting it to the computer.

    Any ideas what I could do to try and revive it?


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    No reply? nothing?

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    I apparently have the same issue when I received the Teensy the onboard led blinked. After uploading a sketch it stopped and the sketch uploads. But no output went back to Arduino Library and uploaded the blink program onboard LED light is not responding. I only read 1 volt between the GND and the 5+ pin. Thanks.

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