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Thread: Limits of delay effect in audio library

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    Wanted to let folks know that I was able to successfully get 6ea CY15B104Qs on Franks memory board and can now delay/loop >35 seconds of audio! There were hurdles:
    * To solder the (wide) chips to the board I bent the leads under and soldered carefully. A scary proposition with these expensive parts. But done in the right order and checking work under a microscope, it can (does) work.
    * I updated the lib for another type to allow for this config. That's archived here:

    I was thinking about adding Franks CS architecture and SRAMs (with wide footprints) to this project:
    I'll certainly post here if I do. Thank you all for your wonderful efforts! -Travis

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    AH I just came across this. Perfect for my idea.
    When flying, the ATC can be very busy and loud over the headset. This will allow me to record 9seconds live, and be able to click a button for playback if I missed any communication.

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