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Thread: Dual channel 16bit dac PT8211

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    I am having trouble getting hold of this chip reliably. It seems perfect for my use though - package, functionality, size, price. Any similar alternatives that someone can recommend please?


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    I read somewhere that this chip is becoming obsolete soon (or is already) and should not be used for new developments.

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    I have not found any other audio DACs in SOIC8 and DIP8 that are cheap, run on 3.3V, work with PJRC audio library and are still available- if those are the features you are looking for.
    I bought a batch of 10 from a Chinese vendor on eBay a few months back for about $5 as I recall. I only needed 1 at the time, and it worked fine when I wired it up. That was before I found out the Paul at PJRC sells them in a kit with PCB and a few passive parts for about $5. I would have gone that route had I known. Unless you need large quantities, PJRC is the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alialiali View Post
    I am having trouble getting hold of this chip reliably.
    Try eBay: "35 results for PT8211"

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    8,391 :: looks like $2.65 for chip with PCB and connection parts

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    Thanks, I ordered the chip from ebay/china. My worry is that it won't be available in 1000s. But if I ever sell 1000 units, I guess I'll be happy to have that problem. Since my device is primarily MIDI, and the audio output is just on board for monitoring when not connected to a real synth, I guess I can fall back to the built-in DAC.

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    The chip is so cheap, you could probably just buy 1000 of them anytime. Just store in a sealed bag, maybe with a desiccant pack to keep any moisture from causing long-term storage issues.

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