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Thread: where to put libraries not in Arduino or Teensyduino install?

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    where to put libraries not in Arduino or Teensyduino install?

    Hello all,

    I have two questions regarding libraries.

    Arduino installs libraries in the libraries folder
    Teensyduino installs libraries in the avr\libraries folder

    Question 1.
    I use additional libraries.
    Besides putting these libraries in one of the two above folders, is there somewhere I can put these additional libraries so they are found during compile and yet easy to isolate for new installs?

    Question 2.
    I have modified a few libraries, mostly by adding a few functions.
    I have, thus far, been successful at simply replacing the libraries installed in Teensyduino with my modified libraries.
    My concern is whether the library was modified to accommodate the new versions of Arduino or Teensyduino.
    Is there some better way of handling this?



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    Just put the custom libs in your sketchbook libraries folder. Solves both issues.

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