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Thread: PJRC website improvements

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    PJRC website improvements


    I think it would be very useful if you would provide a more direct link to the libraries such as this:

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    Perhaps you might look at the "FreqCount vs FreqMeasure" section. It's here, just scroll down until you see the picture with the sine wave.
    on the web page. a direct link to here would be very useful to new folks finding relevant material for the Teensy quickly. I am often amazed when you reply to a thread such as above, and see some amazing content then later can't find my way back to it. The T3 is amazing and the S/W you work on as well, you should highlight it better than the older discontinued projects. My $.02

    Cheers Kb

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    There has been quite a bit of discussion about the web site and getting a wiki going. A few months ago we posted that we are working on getting a wiki going. We've been doing some testing and hopefully in the not too distant future will get it installed and integrated with the forum.

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