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Thread: AudioPlaySdWav delay

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    AudioPlaySdWav delay

    Hi all,

    Suppose I want to simultaneously play 4 WAV files.

    When using AudioPlaySdWav:lay is it necessary to add a delay between each call? Or can I call play and then delay?

    For example would loop be ok? (I don't currently have hardware to test with)

    void loop() {
       // Code here to check if buttons are pressed
      if (button1_pressed) {"SDTEST1.WAV");
      if (button2_pressed) {"SDTEST2.WAV");
      if (button2_pressed) {"SDTEST3.WAV");
      if (button2_pressed) {"SDTEST4.WAV");

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    You shouldn't need the delay. Get some hardware and experiment.

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