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    Quote Originally Posted by defragster View Post
    Is that in ref to post #48 code? Came working from IDE 1.8.10 install with TD 1.49b1. Yes there is 'THAT' warning about a type I didn't clean up - but it runs to T4 - that is a warning and the right thing ends up happening.

    Didn't say it was a good solution - it would need minimization - the RTC time print is DEBUG extraneous and was added just to see continuity in function and clock ticks across the process.

    To date all notes on issuing reset RESET to T4 seemed to indicate it just triggers the bootloader. If there is one that works "to call a reset register of the CPU (like Teensy 3.2) " - please post ...
    Thanks! It's working well here, after one or two tweaks (and warnings fixed). Slightly modified version is attached. Restarts as expected after a few seconds, then repeats the cycle.
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