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Thread: teensyduino uploading to the wrong teensy if more than 1 teensy is connected

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    teensyduino uploading to the wrong teensy if more than 1 teensy is connected

    I connected 2 teensies to my laptop and it seems like teensyduino will upload program to the wrong teensy (not the one the com port is set to).

    You have to upload to one, switch to the other com port, then upload a different program, and the program uploads to the first one, or something like that. I did not spend time noting down the exact sequence, but I know for sure it uploads program to the teensy with a different com port that is currently set.

    It is not a major issue, but is just annoying.
    I now have to disconnect the teensy that I do not want to program, to make sure the program uploads to the correct teensy.

    I am using teensyduino 1.24.

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    Simple solution - if you can hit the program button: Use IDE verify, Press desired Program button

    Awesome Simple TYQT solution :: install TYQT - Use IDE verify, Open a copy of TYQT or 'File / NewWindow' as needed. Press the 'House Icon' and programming goes to the selected unit. BONUS: You can monitor Serial output on each device. You can also hit the 'Refresh' icon to Reboot the Teensy of your choice. And if you save a HEX file Up-load a chosen one.
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