A few months ago I designed a device with the musician Daedelus.

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Here's all the info.

It's a sampler/delay effect. The samples are selected via the pins and triggered by the two arcade buttons.
Here are some video demonstrating its use.

The samples are stored on serial flash chip, the S25FL164. I didn't use audio.h as playing back 4 samples from SPI flash at once along with using most of the ram for the delay effect meant there was really no way to have the device run at audio rate. But it sounds pretty good and crunchy at 12b 30kHz.
You can see all the code here.

There's an external USB dongle with the MINI54 chip on it for reprogramming and USB MIDI. I didn't think it would be that popular but more than half of the 300+ pre-orders ordered one so it should have just been on the board oh well.

The pre-orders have closed and shipped already but we'll have a few available at some of our retailers soon.

Thanks again for making this possible, Paul!