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Looks like it's difficult to purchase authentic APA102C 5050 144/m strips these days, unless you pay $50 + tax + shipping to Adafruit.
I buy regularly from chinese stores on Alibaba. the led strips have been fine, but occasionally I have had to pay duty / tax.
I see that the apa102 2020 strips are just starting to be produced. It may be worth seeing if these become cheaper over the next few months

Regarding what the best guide is, well, I guess the best one is the one you understand best and results in what you want to achieve. Also, some of the guides require more skill, such as the work that Po Ting has been doing. I think that there are some very good improvements on this thread to the original poi posted. The addition of the IR remote is a particularly good idea. The use of the onboard SD card of 3.5 and 3.6 allows for fast use of pixel data stored on the card and moved to buffer on chip giving a much wider range of images to use / store. My preference is for the battery weight to be at the handle / swivel end, and not at the tip.