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Thread: Reconfigure ADC via a DMA transfer to allow multiple Channel Acquisition

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    Started porting this over to my Gocart project and hit a small snag, one of the pins i'm using (A20) needs the ADC1_CFG2[MUXSEL] set. So far I have had no luck with changing the MUXSEL so that i'm reading A20 instead of A17, im also reading A18 and A19 which are on muxB same as 17, A20 is muxA. Anyone happen to know how to do it or if it can be done?

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    Here is a slightly updated table for using the T3.6 DMA ADC Channels. I have not had a chance to confirm these yet, maybe this weekend.

    ADC DMA Channels.pdf

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    Reading two adc's synchornously and transfer to DMA

    hello Sailnav and Donziboy2,
    Maybe I can get help from this thread(noob here). I need to read volatages & current from the two ADC's synchronously in Teensy 3.2 and transfer them to DMA for say 200 times. Can you guys provide code or any pointers on how to acheive this??

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    You have already asked here :

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    Hey Donziboy2 were you able to get your Gocart project to work? I'm starting a similar project as far as adc channel linking goes and would really appreciate hearing about any progress since your last post.

    cheers, Chris

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