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Thread: Playing with the FreqMeasure Library

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    Playing with the FreqMeasure Library

    Hi there from New Zealand
    I am a PIC C Programmer converting to Arduino Nano.
    I have been playing with the FreqMeasure Library and I have questions.

    I have modified the code to display on a 20x4 LCD using i2c. All works well.

    If I use a second nano to generate a fixed frequency(tone) , say 440hz, I get a perfect reading on my display.
    If I play the tone through a speaker into a mic then into the FreqMeasure loaded nano I start getting counts around 3285.

    Clearly my problem is the circuitry between the mic and the nano but I really don't know where to start with conditioning and filtering what the mic
    is picking up. I have the mic connected through an LM358 with a gain of ~100 and I have tried squaring the output through a 74HC40106 but the count
    remains the same.

    Any suggestions to help me learn about this would be gratefully received.



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    I think that best is that you take an oscilloscope to check the output signals of the LM358 and of the 74HC106, take pictures and post them here. This will most probably allow experienced users to diagnose your problem from being the waveforms.

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