I've now prototyped my project using a Teensy 3.2 and the Audio library. Now I want to create a low cost product using only the MK20DX256 and SGTL5000 codec. I have a few questions please....

1. The data sheet for the CPU shows EZPORT programming is on pins 22,23,24,26, but the Boot Loader chip connects to pin 25, NOT pin 26. Is that correct? Do I use pins 22,23,24,26????
2. What hardware & software tools do I need to program the CPU? I already have a FTDI USB / TTL Serial cable. Can I use that? What software?
3. Since I will be using Arduino / TeensyDuino environment, where are the files that I need to upload to the CPU? Are these files HEX? Compatible with the programmer?