Last year I tried to get some funding to start a production run of an Open platform for analog effects controlled digitally.
That failed... Bad video etc. Learned what not to do in a crowdfunding campaign=)

But the good thing was that Paul recommended me to check out the Teensy. And I did.
So now I have made a box, "motherboard" and frontboard of the box.
Just want to get some feedback from you guys regarding the feasibility of this project.
This first board for Teensy is all digital. There is a socket where you put in the Teensy and the Audio Shield pluss a ssm1306 OLED screen.
Besides that you got 4 potmeters, 2 toggle switches, 2 momentary foot switches and 4 jacks that can be used as audio or control inputs.

I have put much effort in to getting the box as "finished" as possible. It should manage a tour with the rock stars and still easy to modify.
Later I will make other boxes with MIDI in/out and other formats.
It is important that it is rugged and ready to use. So 1.5mm steel is good=)

I am also planning a website where programs can be shared and developed for this box.

Anyone else see a need for something like this?
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