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Thread: Audio Library Tutorial

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    Audio Library Tutorial

    Paul just posted the video of the micro controller audio workshop he did at the HackADay SuperCon today. The tutorial documentation will be posted on git hub soon.
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    Very slick, pretty comprehensive, and demystified a lot of things for me. Thanks!

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    The explanation on FFT spectral leakage is so much better than what my professor came up with when he explained windowing. Well done Paul!

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    I attended Saturday's workshop at the Hackaday SuperCon, and it was my stand-out favourite of the 5 workshops I attended.
    The preparation and attention to detail was massive:
    - whilst printed notes might seem quaint to some, when you're working from the single screen of a laptop & bouncing back n forth between the IDE, audio design web-app, & notes, having the notes separate was a timesaver.
    - pre-made breadboard, again saved time (the degree to which the workshops got squeezed to make a single stream was to blame for this) but my point is you dug deep and made them up anyway.
    - you had plenty of people on call to help out when participants had questions.
    - unlike so many of the other workshops that assumed significant chunks of prior knowledge, yours was 100% documented, which meant it was there for those who needed it, and those who didn't could simply skip ahead.
    Kudos to everyone involved in bringing this workshop to life.

    I knew Paul had been working on a Teensy Audio Library for the last year or more, but I've not had time to check in to see where it was up to. OMG, what an amazing piece of work! Truly inspiring.
    Thank you for doing such a great job on this workshop. I hope you're able and willing to deliver it to more people in more places in future.

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