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Thread: Adding more ADC's to Teensy

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    Adding more ADC's to Teensy

    What do you recommend if I need simultaneous access to more than 2 analog pins, while using a wiz820io and teensy 3.2.
    I think I have an MCP3008 somewhere, would this work?
    This looks cool

    I'm thinking 8 channels of ADC would be suitable. Has anyone done something like this?

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    I haven't had the need to use one with a Teensy, but which chip you choose depends on your application-specific requirements. I2C is slower compared to SPI (rule of thumb, depends on the bus clock speed of course), so I'd choose SPI. Everything else depends on what you need. Bit depth, sample rate, simultaneous n-channel conversion or input mux, internal or external reference, differential or single ended inputs, input voltage range, supply voltage...

    Maybe tell us a bit about your application?


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    That LTC2309 chip has 8 inputs, but it measures them only 1 at a time.

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