I was wondering if it is possible to use the VideoDisplay and movie2serial program on a LED Wall I built that is 64x35 using ws2812B strips and two teensy 3.2's. I have 4 panels of 16x35 at 140 LEDs per strip. Right now I'm using Jinx! software and everything works great but I wanted to try and create a customized processing program using video clips.

The issues I need help with is

My strips are aligned in a vertical column snake. Is the videoDisplay sketch set up for horizontal strips? I get the movie2serial program to run but the video is obviously displaying incorrectly with this setup using just 2 panels:

#define LED_WIDTH      35   // number of LEDs horizontally
#define LED_HEIGHT     32   // number of LEDs vertically (must be multiple of 8)
#define LED_LAYOUT     0    // 0 = even rows left->right, 1 = even rows right->left