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Thread: My Teensy Logic Analyzer

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    I thought I would try installing it again and see how it works...

    Looks like a pretty nice setup for those who do not have hardware Logic Analyzer. Note: first time I tried to run the run.bat, the windows code errored out. Sorry I should have kept the output, but it closed the window and I lost it. Second time it ran...

    I installed the firmware on T3.6, played around a bit to get the GUI to talk to the Teensy.

    From this and now looking at code, I am guessing you need to download a different firmware to the Teensy to get the high speed mode?
    HARDWARE_CONFIGURATION needs to be set to 1.

    Update: Actually looks like you have both sets of firmware and you can have it update the Teensy in the capture dialog which is nice. Note: I tried doing a capture at 120mhz and it looks like it may have hung. Unplugged T3.6, replugged in, tried at 60mhz and it completed. Tried again at 120 and this time went through. Note: I don't have it connected to anything yet. If I downspeed this to 30mhz, I can capture about 34ms, which nice.

    Sorry if below is a little off topic, but will sort of describe what I have been typically doing:

    For me, I am sorry to say I am a bit spoiled as I currently have 3 Analyzers by Saleae (Their earlier 16, a Logic 8, and now a Pro logic 8), I used to have their original Logic, but I gave that one away.

    The reason I recently purchased the Pro, was I wanted to better debug SPI, for example to the ILI9341 display, I found I needed a sample speed near 100mhz, which I could not do on the non-pro for enough IO pins (Miso, Mosi, CLK, CS, DC). And Actually right now I am playing with it connected up to an UP board, where I am actually debugging running one of these display in user mode (SPIDEV using MRAA). Currently trying to see if I can use a hardware CS pin instead of software controlled one. So currently doing: captures of 6 channels at 100mhz for 5 seconds. Note: I can probably run a bit slower than I am as the SPI clock appears to be running at 8.33mhz.

    I also do reasonably long capture time as I am sort of lazy and don't want to worry about setting up triggers, so I can setup to run app on UP board and then start capture and hit enter to start...

    Now back on topic: As defragster mentioned earlier, wonder if it would make sense to build something like Frank's flex board, with memory chips, such that you could increase how long you sample.

    Again I have not very much yet at the code nor at all to the Logic Sniffer code. So I don't know if it was possible and made sense to try to do something similar to what Saleae does and this is when you are doing a capture. Their hardware compresses the data and sending it over the USB port while the capture is happening and that way your limits are dictated more by your USB speed. They use something like RAW HID for this.

    But again great work!

    I will play some more with it some more later. But now back to testing some stuff out on the UP board, plus my parts arrived to build my T3.6 RPI Hat board, which I hope to then plug into UP board... So I have a lot of soldering to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtE View Post
    I thought I would try installing it again and see how it works...
    Thanks for the comments. The next big item to add is compression, which could increase the number of samples by a factor of 10, 100, or more, depending on the data. Still a few months away.

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    It took a while, but I finally released update 4.1 to the Logic Analyzer.
    - Adds Run-Length Encoding (compression) to record up to 100 times more samples (10Meg+ on Teensy 3.6).
    - Increases top speed for 8 channels by 67% (80 MHz on Teensy 3.6)
    - 33% more RAM for Teensy 3.5
    - Adds support for Teensy 3.0 (still supports 3.6/3.5/3.2/3.1/LC)

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