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Thread: Teensy Card Getting Started

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    Teensy Card Getting Started

    The Teensy cards all say click "Getting Started"

    I don't find that on either

    or the explicit

    The card's back sides do show this valid & helpful link:: jumps direct to
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    There is a "getting started" item on left side of
    But it's from the Teensy 2 era and I presume you have a Teensy 3.x

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    stevech - indeed it is over there - [and yes I'm all T_3.1 & T_3.2 & T_LC] - if out of date and not holding the answer or a link to the USB question that comes in 'troubleshoot.html' - don't know how my web page search failed to find it before - but it does now.

    Given the prominence on the card having it similalrly up front and up to date on the web would be good. And clicking any of the teensy pics that match what you have - the left frame changes and those pages have no getting started or troubleshoot links that would seem a good place for them.

    In fact now looking at my BING search the first_use.html page is under that link. That left frame always vexes and surprises me.

    Though reading the card is says 'visit the website & click Getting Started' - and that isn't on the home page.

    All great info the WIKI would resolve and expose better.

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