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Thread: USB HID Touchscreen support needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theremingenieur View Post
    Isnt’t there an open source USB touch screen driver for a different Linux distribution which you could port to Raspbian?
    thanks, but where can I find that open driver, and how difficult is it to port?
    Maybe it's already included on Raspbian? It looks that some USB touchs works and some not :-( thats crazy.
    But however, I have no idea how to install or port driver on linux or something like built kernel. I don't really want spend time in build kernel or something like this...that looks too complicated. So hope somebody else can do that for me?

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    I am dissapointed about the feedbacks? Touchscreens are more and more common and important today... so I am surprised about the less feedback.

    I have also a USB Touchscreen with Atmel Controller mXT1188s, and that Controller works without Problem on Linux / Raspberry... so I guess that your USB Simulator use a old or not up to date Describtor?
    Could anybody help me what I can try or change on the descriptor or USB code?

    Here the feedback from raspberry community:
    We don't have the resources to investigate Teensy and what it needs in order to work on Raspbian. I suggest you ask the Teensy community if one of them can explain exactly what is needed, or at least what the problem is.

    One thing you could try yourself is running xev under Raspbian and Ubuntu Mate to see which X events are generated in response to touch screen activity. xev > touch_log.txt will capture the events to a file - try working through the same activities on both platforms in a systematic way, then comparing the log files. If nothing else it may show whether X events are stopping no Raspbian or whether they are still being generated and the GUI is locking up.

    thank you very much

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    You cannot seriously expect that someone helps you here if you are so incredibly lazy!
    You dont give ANY detailed information.

    > has problems with the release function.

    This is a ridiculous error description.

    At least post the code that you are running to simulate touch events.
    This may be completely wrong although it works on Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmue View Post

    > has problems with the release function.

    This is a ridiculous error description.
    Sorry, I didn't realize that it would be helpful to post the code. But please find new thread:

    Anyway, in previous posts you can see that there are other people with difficults regarding the release function (not solved).
    And I don't think it's a code issue as there are only two "simple" function: release and press Touch..

    thank you.

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    What type of straun gauge are you using? And how to use strain gauge in that application?

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