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Thread: Memory Status and Monitoring

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    Seems there may be a bug in Arduino...

    <cstdint> is the standard library header that defines fixed/minimum sized types: uint8_t, int32_t etc. If RamMonitor works with it commented out, then Arduino must have already included this header... still don't explain the effect on min/max!?

    Quick addition: <cstdint> can also be referred to as <stdint.h>; C++ vs C
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    Is there any need to use this header instead of stdint.h or inttypes.h?

    The min/max interference issue is troubling. Not sure if I really want to dig into right now (or ever). But if this comes up again, might have to...

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    That's a quick reply just edited a note to my post above lol

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    Updated the header with the int* compat fix and changed <cstdint> include to <inttypes.h>. I currently can't run tests on this, it compiles; hopefully have my new Teensy tomorrow

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    how does cstdint.h differ from what I've always used: stdint.h ? C++ related?
    and stdbool.h

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    <cstdint>, no .h, is the same header as <stdint.h>... in C++ it's an inherited header, hence the 'c' prefix; in C it's a standard library header, hence the '.h'. It's a question of language.

    Extra thought... a C header using <stdint.h> shouldn't use C++ style templates. Thing is with most modern compilers, they support C and C++ and to a mix for standards... almost C++11 but not quite... but then they allow C and C++ in the same file, as long as a statement conforms to either the C standard, or C++ standard that they support, then that's okay!
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    New Teensy has arrived; put the pins in tonight and hopefully get to the desktop too

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