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Thread: Memory Status and Monitoring

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    Memory Status and Monitoring

    Hi all,

    I am developing a project using a Teensy 3.1; using a lot of dynamic memory allocations. With this in mind, I've written a small class that provides memory information simply. Using the initialize() and run() functions, the class monitors stack usage, simulates stack allocation and provides a low memory warning.

    I'm wondering if this class would be of use to anyone else projects...


    Update: Now on SourceForge -

    class RamMonitor {
    int32_t unallocated() const; // space between heap and stack (current): negitive if heap/stack crash
    uint32_t stack_used() const; // stack size (current): grows into unallocated
    uint32_t heap_total() const; // heap (dynamic mem) size: can grow into unallocated
    uint32_t heap_used() const; // heap allocated
    uint32_t heap_free() const; // free heap

    int32_t free() const; // free ram: unallocated and unused heap
    uint32_t total() const; // physical ram

    // these functions (along with initialize and run)
    // create the ellusion of stack allocation.
    uint32_t stack_total() const; // stack size (historical)
    int32_t stack_free() const; // calc stack usage before next stack growth
    int32_t adj_unallocd() const; // space between heap and "alloc'd" stack: negitive if heap/stack crash
    int32_t adj_free() const; // free ram: adjusted unallocated and unused heap

    bool warning_lowmem() const; // returns true if stack and heap get close
    bool warning_crash() const; // returns true if stack is in danger of overwriting heap

    void initialize(); // initializes stack monitoring
    void run(); // monitors stack and adjusted unallocated
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