I bought 6 5m (30/m) led strips from aliexpress and I'd love some advice on what I'd need to get it working. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to electronics, but I have a computer science background (I've done some systems engineering in college, so I'm not completely clueless and I know how to solder, but I focused mostly on code).

I basically just want the 6 5m strips, each about a foot apart, for cool light patterns and effects. I'm guessing my best bet is the octo adapter. I'm mostly clueless about power - what power supplies to buy and how to configure everything to get power to all of the leds. I'm guessing I need power on both ends, if even that would be enough (I read per 2m). I have a friend that would probably know what to do to help, so I mostly need advice on what to buy, but any additional guidance would also be really appreciated.