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Thread: A place to upload & cut custom designed plastic project boxes?

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    A place to upload & cut custom designed plastic project boxes?

    I'm trying to find an online place to create a custom project box. Nothing too fancy, just maybe upload a design for a box with a few holes and cut outs.

    What do other people do if they needed a custom project box or even to mount an LCD? I know what I'd want, but I don't have the tools or the precision to drill holes and cut out plastic.

    I have a 5" LCD I'd like mounted inside a project box. It'd be nice if it had a little depth for wires and connectors. Maybe with a design tool I could add mounting holes for the screen. Or even if someplace has a box with just a square LCD cut out.

    Something like this or this.
    Any ideas?

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    Close, but maybe not the full Monty

    + common extruded aluminum enclosure cut to desired length

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    This is probably a really stupid question, but you could just make one?

    You can buy a ton of project enclosures from a wide range of places and just cut what you need. Obviously this isn't an option if you're considering large volume production though

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    Depending on what your price limit is you could just design a custom box and have it printed at Shapeways or another online 3D printing service.

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    Wow, that Shapeways is an amazing site. Spent a long time clicking around to see things people have created. Thanks.
    I'd rather not try to make one myself. The square cutout would be a hack job. And I might want to make a couple of'm.

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    I thought they had a 'make a box' option but can't find it any more
    gets a range of them, no idea on quality, features or if any include an actual store, rather than spitting out a file you then have to get made yourself.

    Front panel express
    Do good work, but charge accordingly and only work in aluminum. Do have a nice tool that directly interfaces to their shop if that's what you need.

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    I use my brother;

    he is a model maker by trade, they have a laser cutter, so I design my boxes in autocad for acrylic and he cuts them for me.

    I have no clue how much he would have to charge though, he doesn't charge his little brother

    acrylic is not robust though.

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