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Thread: Sample Code for USB Host with Teensy 3.2?

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    Sample Code for USB Host with Teensy 3.2?

    I'm using a Teensy 3.2 with a 4,7uF capacitor and I want to use the Teensy USB Host mode... to connect a Android 4.2 device without USB Host port (only USB).

    I want to communicate over a serial connection (ADB) ... but it doesn't work.

    Can someone give me an example of code?

    On the Android side I've made a Server on port 4567 ... and here is my Arduino Code:

      // Initialise the ADB subsystem.  
      // Open an ADB stream to the phone's shell. Auto-reconnect
      connection = ADB::addConnection("tcp:4567", true, adbEventHandler);  
    void loop() {
      if ((millis() - lastTime) > 1000)
        uint16_t data = 22;
        connection->write(2, (uint8_t*)&data);
        lastTime = millis();
      // Poll the ADB subsystem.

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