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Thread: Adjusting the Teensy MIDI device name

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    I feel like I might have one more idea on why this could be happening, in the current usbMIDI implementation none of the midi ports have their own names so it relies on Windows to come up with one on its own. So what could be happening is it sees they have the same PID so it just picks one of them to generate a name from for both devices. And now that I mention it I do remember that I gave my ports theyíre own names back when I first programmed 3 Teensy 3.6s that are on a Windows 7 machine. Iím pretty sure they donít have any issues last time I checked, but itís definitely something else to look into, if anyone wants a place to start with this hereís the thread from 2 years ago: I havenít messed with it since then so it probably would need to be updated.

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    Interestingly, regarding the usb host port of the MIO-10 and it's ability to handle multiple identical class compliant usbMidi devices. In one setup I had several Teensy (3.2 - 4.0) usbMidi devices plugged in via a hub. All worked until I added a T2 usbMidi and to fix it, was not just a matter of unplugging the T2 and restarting the system. The hub needs to be unplugged, then you delete everything in the MIO-10's config, reboot then start over.

    Further digging, in another iteration, had several off-the -shelf UsbMidi class compliant devices plugged into the MIO-10's host and added a (don't recall which)Teensy usbMidi to the mix which de-railed it. Have yet to dig deeper into that rabbithole and set up some test scenarios and take screenshots etc. to cover all the various permutations.

    Have other work so will be a little while...

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    Well, I tried vjmuzik's idea of naming the ports, and fingers crossed, it seems to work! My host doesn't display those names, but the fact that they are unique seems to cause windows to get the interface names right....


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