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Thread: chorus ?

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    chorus ?


    i tried the chorus-effect. Is that really a chorus ? (buggy??)

    It sounds more and more "digitally" the more "num_chorus" or memory i add. Or, is this intended ?

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    5,567 the sourcecode shows only delays, no pitch shift per "voice", this can't work (obviously, as you can hear)
    What ever this effect is, it's not a chorus :-( Perhaps the same can be done with the delay-effect.
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    Looking over the source, yeah, that looks like a set of static comb filters. Something like the multi-tap delay line followed by a mixer.

    Take a look at the Flanger class. It has sinusoid modulation and interpolation. Flange with slow modulation and overall delay of 25-ish milliseconds moves into chorus territory.

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    When I wrote the chorus and flange effects, I used this as a guide:
    It says that chorus doesn't use modulation so I didn't try any. I couldn't find anything else which explained how to get those effects.


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    all you need to know about chorus

    evidently a lfo modulates a clock signal, giving variable delay times. From the page ....

    "The chorus effect is created by the slow modulation of the delay time using a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO). As the LFO cycles, the delay time goes up and down and therefore the delayed audio pitch slightly shifts up and down."

    Sounds a bit like how imagined a flanger would work ....

    the delay is a bucket brigade device (whatever the hell that is)

    You don't happen to have MIJ HM-2 source-code??

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