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Thread: Teensy 3.2 with Featherwing DC motor board

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    Ah yes that's changed things. Still no action from the motors but now when I run the Scanner program that I tried before I get this output (pls excuse verbose post):

    Starting scan...
    Addr 0x1
    Addr 0x2
    Addr 0x3
    Addr 0x4
    Addr 0x5
    Addr 0x6
    Addr 0x7
    Addr 0x8
    Addr 0x9
    Addr 0xA
    Addr 0xB
    Addr 0xC
    Addr 0xD
    Addr 0xE
    Addr 0xF
    Addr 0x10
    Addr 0x11
    Addr 0x12
    Addr 0x13
    Addr 0x14
    Addr 0x15
    Addr 0x16
    Addr 0x17
    Addr 0x18
    Addr 0x19
    Addr 0x1A
    Addr 0x1B
    Addr 0x1C
    Addr 0x1D
    Addr 0x1E
    Addr 0x1F
    Addr 0x20
    Addr 0x21
    Addr 0x22
    Addr 0x23
    Addr 0x24
    Addr 0x25
    Addr 0x26
    Addr 0x27
    Addr 0x28
    Addr 0x29
    Addr 0x2A
    Addr 0x2B
    Addr 0x2C
    Addr 0x2D
    Addr 0x2E
    Addr 0x2F
    Addr 0x30
    Addr 0x31
    Addr 0x32
    Addr 0x33
    Addr 0x34
    Addr 0x35
    Addr 0x36
    Addr 0x37
    Addr 0x38
    Addr 0x39
    Addr 0x3A
    Addr 0x3B
    Addr 0x3C
    Addr 0x3D
    Addr 0x3E
    Addr 0x3F
    Addr 0x40
    Addr 0x41
    Addr 0x42
    Addr 0x43
    Addr 0x44
    Addr 0x45
    Addr 0x46
    Addr 0x47
    Addr 0x48
    Addr 0x49
    Addr 0x4A
    Addr 0x4B
    Addr 0x4C
    Addr 0x4D
    Addr 0x4E
    Addr 0x4F
    Addr 0x50
    Addr 0x51
    Addr 0x52
    Addr 0x53
    Addr 0x54
    Addr 0x55
    Addr 0x56
    Addr 0x57
    Addr 0x58
    Addr 0x59
    Addr 0x5A
    Addr 0x5B
    Addr 0x5C
    Addr 0x5D
    Addr 0x5E
    Addr 0x5F
    Addr 0x60 ACK
    Addr 0x61
    Addr 0x62
    Addr 0x63
    Addr 0x64
    Addr 0x65
    Addr 0x66
    Addr 0x67
    Addr 0x68
    Addr 0x69
    Addr 0x6A
    Addr 0x6B
    Addr 0x6C
    Addr 0x6D
    Addr 0x6E
    Addr 0x6F
    Addr 0x70 ACK
    Addr 0x71
    Addr 0x72
    Addr 0x73
    Addr 0x74
    Addr 0x75
    Addr 0x76
    Addr 0x77
    Addr 0x78
    Addr 0x79
    Addr 0x7A
    Addr 0x7B
    Addr 0x7C
    Addr 0x7D
    Addr 0x7E
    Addr 0x7F
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    You little beauty! It works now. I just remembered I had been messing with the I2C addresses in the motor driver library. When I put it back to 0x60 it worked.
    I'm sure I tried it before with the 3.3v pin but I think I was trying it with the wire version of the library.

    So just to clarify. Final hookup is:

    Teensy -> Featherwing
    3.3v -> 3.3v (not BAT)
    GND -> GND
    SDA0 -> SDA
    SCL0 -> SCL

    No pullups needed for i2c. Must use altered version of motor driver library which uses i2c_t3 instead of wire.

    So painfully obvious now.

    Big thanks you to everyone who helped! Now I can get back to the fun stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBR View Post
    So painfully obvious now.
    LOL, yeah in hindsight, but we all looked at this, and someone from Adafruit even looked at it - wasn't obvious to anyone until the schematic was checked.

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    And props to HWGuy for correctly guessing this, even before the schematic!

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    Major props! Awesome community here.

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