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Thread: SWCAN bus hack allows backup camera display

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    SWCAN bus hack allows backup camera display

    Teensy 3.2 was interfaced to the OBD SWCAN port on a Chevy SparkEV to allow a backup camera to display on the cars MyLink dash display.

    For unknown reasons GM did not offer a backup camera on the 20114 and 2015 Chevy SparkEV even though Korean Spark models offer one. The SparkEV display
    unit has connections for a camera but no software in the head unit to display it.

    The basic concept of the hack is using the OBD (onboard diagnostics, that little connector below your dash on all newer vehicles) to put the display into diagnostics
    mode and "Test" the backup camera whenever the car is in reverse. TeachOp's Flexcan code was forked to add 33333bps for GM single wire can.

    The proto board shown below has a 5V regulator a SWCAN transceiver and the Teensy.

    The board is powered from the auto's 12V to the tail lights.

    More details of the development are on the ChevySpark forum:
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    Have you posted the sketch that you used for this? I am interested in working with other GMLAN functions, but don't have enough knowledge in the subject to know where to begin and examples are very had to find.


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