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    I'm newbie and using Teensy & Can Open for the first time.
    I tried to find answers in the forum but unfortunately I did not find cristal clear topics.

    Is Teensy able only using a transceiver (MCP2562) to have access to CANopen information?
    Shall I use additionnal librairy than the ones used for CAN only?
    Is there any major difference between CAN and CANopen for Teensy 3.2?

    Thanks a lot


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    Actually, I would like to know this too...

    I have a CANOpen motor. Can I use Teensy 3.2 with this library to control it?


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    The library will at least allow you to physically read and write on the CAN bus. The additional CANOpen layer for handling the data objects and the associated object dictionary is not implemented in that library. It would be up to you to create this additional part of code.

    Basically, CAN is a multi-node serial network data communication protocol. The Teensy with the FlexCAN library can physically connect to a CAN bus and read and write raw CAN data.

    CANOpen is a protocol which sits on top of the raw CAN bus data protocol (also called protocol stack since one sits above the other), implementing an object model and an associated directory of objects which allows to communicate (still through CAN bus on a physical and low level communication layer) on a more abstract layer with the different nodes in the CAN network. More info here:
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    OK, I get it thanks. I will write CANOpen protocol on top of the afforementioned lib.

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