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Thread: Teensy USB not recognised.

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    Teensy USB not recognised.

    Dear Paul,
    I'm using teensy seens 2 years, a great board. I purchased 30+ 3.1 and 3.2 boards till now but boards life is not more than 2 or 3 days. Previously i thought thwre must be some problem with my hardware but only teensy working in lab is the first teensy 3.1 later npt a sigle teensy worked for me more than 2 days.. most common problem is with usb teensy not recogised/ code 43 or sometimes its not even showing any message on windows. I tried different computers,operating systems I'm harassed troubleshooting those boards please help!
    I have more than failed 18 teensy boards.

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    Mostly i use teensy jist to get imu data and run micro servos..

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    I tried bad code recovery process but most of teensy are still dead

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    Seems very likely something you're connecting to Teensy is stressing it and causing the chip to blow.

    Can you try running a Teensy with only the USB cable connect, no other hardware. Just run the LED blink and allow it to blink for more than 2 days. That can at least confirm if Teensy itself works, without the other stuff connected.

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