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Thread: Serial locks up when no ?

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    Serial locks up when no ?

    Simple program outputting some characters. If I type into the serial port (either with Serial Monitor or Coolterm), it frequently hangs when the buffer contains ~30 characters -- not always, but maybe when I cross a 30 (32 ?) threshold within one loop.

    void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);}
    int i=0;
    void loop() {
     //while (Serial.available());
    when I enable the, it is 'better' but sometimes still fails.

    I this expected ? Even if I don't expect to receive characters in my program, should the Teensy lockup in this way ?

    Using Arduino 1.6.7 on OSX 10.9.5; Teensy 3.2

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    ..i tried it, i can't see any fail or hang.

    Which OS you are using ? Is it a MAC ?

    edit: oops, you mentioned it.

    MAC has some problems. Its a Bug in the OS.

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