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Thread: GeoPix LED Pixel Mapper software - officially supports the teensy 3.1 !

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    GeoPix LED Pixel Mapper software - officially supports the teensy 3.1 !

    Hey everyone, I've been a huge fan of the teensy for years as a pixel controller and I wanted to tell you all about some pixel mapping software I've just publicly released that officially supports the teensy 3.1 as a pixel controller preset.

    GeoPix is a piece of software dedicated purely to Pixel Mapping and VJ'ing, with a large amount of flexibility through some of it's other tools. I've been developing GeoPix for the last year on and off and been experimenting with leds and pixel mapping for twice that.

    GeoPix is currently available as a full piece of software but as an Open Beta.
    In it's inactivated state, GeoPix is still fully functional, the outputs to led's will go dark for 30 seconds every 3 minutes, that is the only limitation. email me through my website if you want a beta activation code for some sort of larger project!

    Download GeoPix, see the full Getting Started Guide here:

    See the entire video tutorial series for it here:

    The GeoPix Lighting Solution : From A to Z (YouTube)

    VJ'ing with GeoPix : LED Pixel Mapped Arch (YouTube)

    This above video was done with 3 teensys working together to control the arch system over a multi-tt hub.

    I've put together the files and a programming guide for the teensy 3.1 to make it directly compatible with GeoPix
    as a simple pixel controller.
    Very simple code but it mixes fastLED and the octows2811 library to achieve 400 pixels per each of 8 strips capable of 60 fps.


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    Hey Lucas!
    Really cool program! I've watched all the introduction videos you've made, and I'm going to try out geopix for a couple of projects I have.
    I'd like to make it work with a Teensy 3.2 over wifi. Do you have any tips?
    I'm not familiar with art-net yet, but I was thinking that I could program a teensy for art-net, and just use the PixLite art-net device?

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    Is this software Windows only?

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    System requirements from says:
    Windows 7/8/10
    3+ gigs of system ram
    2+ gigs of video ram
    Fast storage such as SSD
    quad core i7 or similar
    Nvidia Kepler based GPU or better (Geforce 600+)
    But Touch Designer, the software GeoPix is made in, is Mac compatible according to their web page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harald25 View Post
    System requirements from says:
    quad core i7 or similar
    i7? What is it doing that it needs that much processor?

    That seems like it's overkill for a requirement. My desktop has a core i5 4690K and has no issues with even complex rendering.

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    Hello !

    Does it support the teensy 3.2 ?

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by yohann.zapart View Post
    Hello !

    Does it support the teensy 3.2 ?

    Best regards
    Expect so, the primary difference was the addition of more current from the onboard 5v to 3.3V converter, and slightly wider '5V' input voltage range - internally the processor, pin access and layout are identical - and transparent update of the secondary processor for PJRC's USB bootloader programming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yohann.zapart View Post
    Hello !

    Does it support the teensy 3.2 ?

    Best regards
    Yes it does.
    I've used it as recently as two days ago.

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    Hey everyone - sorry for dropping the ball on the thread, to answer a few of your questions definitively:

    1) yep the 3.2 would be supported exactly how it was supported on GeoPix 0.9. Though I will probably have some flexibility for how many outputs and pixels per output in case users have other serial based pixel devices.

    2) Touch Designer has been mac compatible for a decent while now and 1.0 will be tested for release in both windows and mac environments.

    3) I7 / very fast GPU are all relative to what you're trying to do with the software. Since pixel mapping and doing effects on the cpu gets costly rather quick 1.0 will be leveraging the GPU to do computation of things much more than in 0.9

    If you're curious feel free to check out the devlog update series I've been doing this year on it's development.

    This is # 11:

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    Cool looking software! What is the maximum number of LEDs and Teensy's you can run with this?

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    Depends on the frame rate, but in all my tests, a single usb circuit / card in a computer seems to be able to handle between 3-4 teensys (3200 pixels each) at 60 fps. the data rates don't add up, on paper it seems like everything should be able to handle more but what always happens is the visuals start to slowly lag behind whats on screen more and more. If I pause, it catches up. so, frame data is likely getting stuck in a buffer somewhere.

    with multi-tt and splitting up the usbs with additional cards in a computer could probably double or triple even with that weird limitation.

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