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Thread: Teensy++ TMK firmware

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    Teensy++ TMK firmware

    im building a custom split kb.
    im waiting for my case to come from shapeways will be here monday woot!
    so i started playing with the teensy++

    tested out the blink programs, and a couple of the button programs
    simple non matrix stuff sending pin to ground to send a key.
    all good.

    then downloaded the tmk firmware.
    I know i will have alot of modification, and i think i have a handle on that,
    but i just wanted to see the teensy register a keystroke from a matrix
    so i compiled one of the prefab keyboard setups tmk comes with.
    I looked in matrix.c to find the col pins and row pins.
    but when i use a breadboard to connect a valid col & row it doesnt register
    any key.

    am i missing something obvious?
    the only change i made in TMK was to set the correct chip in the makefile
    MCU = at90usb1286
    and disable NKRO
    #NKRO_ENABLE = yes

    is something else involved in a matrix keystroke that just completing
    the circuit colpin to rowpin?

    appending this post to add that i cannot seem to register keystrokes on
    any of the matrix based examples in teensyduino like MultiKey or DynamicKeypad

    thanks for any help
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    Getting a matrix to work should be as simple as connecting a row to a column, so something is up there.

    First up, I assume you have confirmed that the Teensy works, with blink, serial prints working?

    And also dumb question, but this is a Teensy++ you are working with, and you are using the right pin numbering noting that there is Arduino pin numbers and port pin numbers for that one?

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    Are you running File > Examples > Keypad > MultiKey as-is, or have you changed anything?

    In other words, if I run that example here with a 4x3 keypad, is that a suitable test to reproduce the problem? I have the 4x3 keypad hardware shown on this page sitting in a box. Should be easy to check.

    Imagine I might only test once on real hardware to verify, so now's the time to be specific so I end up testing on something similar?

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    Blink works fine

    Examples->Teensy->USB_Keyboard->Buttons = works fine (on setting K+M+J)

    Examples->KeyPad->MultiKey = (on setting serial) does not register keys when col pin is connected to row pin.
    Paul no changes to MultiKey, and testing was connecting RowPin 2 to Col Pin 8,
    where Row Pin 2 is D2 and Col Pin 8 is E0

    I do not have a keypad, im just using a jumper on the breadboard to test

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