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Thread: datalogging/DMA SDIO on Teensy 3.6?

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    datalogging/DMA SDIO on Teensy 3.6?

    I am wondering if there are any update on examples written on using the SD built in with DMA. This is for a data logging application.

    From here:

    It seemed that it didn't work consistently with DMA before?

    My digital converter is SPI based and a falling edge on a pin indicates data availability. I currently timestamp the microseconds in an interrupt on falling edge and pull the data by transferring a SPI instruction to read the data in the main loop. The data is 28 bit and I would like a sample rate of about 44kHz (which the converter can do).

    Is logging data to the SD from a buffer with DMA the best solution for continuous sampling? Or do I read the data with SPI and DMA and write the data in the main loop (DMASPI library)?

    Sorry, if this question has been repeated before but I can't seem to find a satisfying answer on the forum.

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