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Thread: TinyGPS++ delay (smartdelay)

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    TinyGPS++ delay (smartdelay)

    Is anyone here familiar with the way the smartdelay works in TinyGPS?
    When I set smartDelay(100); I get about 5 records per second. This is in a while(gps_port.available());
    With smartDelay(10); I get about 10 records per second.
    The problem is that all those records contain the same GPS position even while moving. So at a speed of 60km/h or 1km/min or 17m/s, it skewes the data.
    I would like to get a new position every 100ms, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. It seems as if there's a default of 1 position per 1000ms set somewhere, but I don't have any delays in my code.
    I may try deleting smartDelay altogether, but it's pretty hard to test without actually moving

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    I'm now wondering if the baudrate (9600) or something could be bottlenecking the update. Lots of testing to do tomorrow.

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    Hi Foyd,

    hmm, one thing comes to mind, what is the default update rate of your GPS?
    I use the Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout boards and they default to 1Hz.

    Regards, Otto.

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