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Thread: Running Teensy at 3.3V

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    Running Teensy at 3.3V

    I would like to connect a Teensy2.0++ to several boards (display, usb host shield) that require 3.3V I/O's. On the site I saw you can solder a voltage regulator to a teensy to reduce the voltage it operates on tot 3.3V. Does this also change the I/O voltage to 3.3 or just the voltage the microcontroller runs on?

    If running running at 3.3V/8MHz, is computing power still sufficient to run larger projects: a 128x64 pix graphical display, a USB HID device and wireless tranceiver? I do not expect a problem because the data stream will be small, but nevertheless. I would not like to have a slow display refresh.


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    This will also change the I/O voltage to 3.3V yes. There's no voltage booster in these chips

    128x64 at 30fps is quite a large datastream. It depends a lot on what display it is and how it's driven

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