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Thread: AudioInputAnalog circuit sensitivity

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    AudioInputAnalog circuit sensitivity


    I'm using the circuit from:

    With a Teensy LC, what component would I adjust to alter the sensitivity? I'm using this with headphone output from an MP3 player.

    I'm also passing through the audio signal to an amp/headphones.


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    None of the Teensy Audio Library works on Teensy-LC yet. Someday a subset of the library will support LC, and some initial work has already started towards that goal... but a *lot* more remains to be done to port to LC's less powerful DMA controller.

    Today only Teensy 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 are supported so far.

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm using the LCAnalyzeFFT library which is working ok for my needs (simple beat detection)

    However the output data seems quite low unless I max out the volume on the mp3 player.

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