Is anybody using Teensyduino in VirtualBox?

I'm trying to get a new machine setup working, Arduino 1.6.7, Teensyduino 1.27, Teesny 3.1, Win7-64 on VirtualBox (on Server 2012). I started this a few days ago when 1.27 wouldn't install on 1.6.8, so downgraded to 1.6.7, but I don't think my issue is there. I'll move to 1.6.8 & 1.28 as soon as I sort this out.

I've tried what I think are the normal sequences to get the Teensy to communicate, but clearly doing something wrong. I'm just trying to download Blink and confirm all is well. My experience so far is hit and miss.

If I quit the IDE, disconnect, then reconnect the Teensy, I get the com port (COM3). After a first attempt to download, the (virtual) USB device list changes to show HalfKey, and the IDE times out, never seeing the Teensy.

Through trial-and-error, it seems like I can launch the IDE, then connect the Teensy, and it will see the port and be ok. So I have it working, but not sure what's going to happen when I move to the next Teensy, new port, etc.

Is there some reliable sequence that anyone has found or can suggest?