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Thread: Clocking in Individual Bits

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    Clocking in Individual Bits

    I'm trying to clock in 61 bits which are purely multiplexed data (no communication protocol - pure bits). It has a corresponding clock signal. I've largely had success by running an interrupt routine by taking the clock rising edge and then reading the bit on DATA_PIN, but I fear it is not robust. I do get transients where bits seem to be a little garbled which is what I'm trying to fix.

    The clock runs at approximately 60 kHz. The teensy 3.2 is overclocked at 96MHz. This gives me approximately (1 / 60e3 ) / (1 / 96e6) = 1600 clock cycles to obtain the bit before the next rising edge occurs. I'm not entirely sure if this is sufficient.

    I know the Arduino has a ShiftIn() function in its API but I do not see one for the Teensy. Does anyone have suggestions for this?



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    1600 clock cycles is plenty.
    Do you know for sure that the data bit is valid on the rising edge? Maybe you should be using the falling edge?


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    What is the setup & hold time of your data bits ? -- how long between the change in a data bit and a (rising) clock edge ?

    Perhaps the Teensy is too fast - if the signal rise or fall times are too slow, then the Teensy may be reading the data while this signal is still changing. Try adding a small delay in the interrupt routine.

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    Maybe look at the PS2Keyboard library? It uses attachInterrupt() to listen for the clock edges, and then digitalRead to grab the data shortly after the clock changes.

    That might be a little slow for 60 kHz, but things like FASTRUN and digitalReadFast should help, if it can't keep up. But there's a good chance it'll be fast enough, so give it a try first...

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