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Thread: Which Pogo pin to use for Reset on T3.2?

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    Which Pogo pin to use for Reset on T3.2?

    This may have already been answered before, but did not find it yet...

    When you are designing a board to host a T3.2, which pogo (or like) pin have you found that works well to connect up to the reset pad on the bottom of the T3.2?

    Also what pad and hole sizes have you found that works.

    I know which pogo pin, to use may depend on how the Teensy is mounted on the host board.

    In this case, probably connected using .1" break off headers.

    But on some boards, may want to have male socket that the Teensy plugs into. Again depending on the height, I understand may need different pogo.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have used this pogo pin
    but it's not in stock any more.

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