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Thread: Teensy 3.2 File Error & Light not blinking & SMD fell off

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    Teensy 3.2 File Error & Light not blinking & SMD fell off


    When I connect the teensy, I get "File Error : Unable to program because the file is not readable."
    The LED is not blinking, but data is sent out to my led strip until i press the button.

    Also the SMD next to the LED fell off.
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    Does it mean I need a new board ?


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    Saw your other post, but looking at the photo I think that's one of the decoupling capacitors which means it can probably still work in the default configuration but it's not a great situation.

    Re the error that sounds more like something going amiss on the PC side. What happens when you compile blink for Teensy, and for Arduino Uno? A related test if you have one handy would be to also confirm your install can in fact download into a Uno as well but more interesting is confirming you can actually compile.
    Once that's done do a search for any .hex files on your PC and see if you can find one made during the compile for Teensy. Confirm it has a non zero size and see if you can manually point the Teensy downloader program at it and try a download. Suspecting somewhere along those steps you'll find what's amiss.

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    Indeed, an unreadable file is entirely a problem on your PC.

    Teensy Loader has a Verbose Info option in the Help menu. It can give you info about the full pathname and filename it's trying to read. Maybe that will help you figure out what's wrong?

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