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Thread: Using Teensy Loader (GUI) to trigger the board into Bootloader mode

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    Using Teensy Loader (GUI) to trigger the board into Bootloader mode

    Hi all,

    We've been developing a small scale project with Teensy 3.2 and we need to offer customers the possibility to update the firmware by themselves.
    The electronics are enclosed so access to the Teensy Reset button would mean disassembling the whole unit.

    We're fine with pointing customers towards Teensy Loader and giving them the appropriate guidance.

    However the problem we have is that Teensy Loader is not triggering Teensy into program mode. I'm running this on Windows 7 x64.
    I am able to Load the HEX file in Teensy Loader but the Program Option is disabled until I active the bootloader through one of the means below:

    - Either physically press the reset button (which in our case is inaccessible, because the electronics are enclosed inside the case)
    - Or I can run teensy_reboot.exe that is located in the Arduino folder which seems to have the same effect as pressing the physical Reset button.

    The problem with the teensy_reboot.exe approach is that this file does not seem to be available for stand alone download; it appears that I need to install the whole Arduino+Teensyduino just to get the file, which is a major PIA for a customer. Furthermore, for each O/S there is a specific teensy_reboot file.

    So we know it is possible to upgrade the firmware on Teensy without requiring physical access to the Reset button. Therefore, would it be possible to either:

    - Add a Menu Option in Teensy Loader that essentially does the same as teensy_reboot.exe, to activate the bootloader? This would be the ideal solution, making Teensy Loader a "one stop shop" to upgrade the firmware on the field.

    - Alternatively can you distribute the teensy_reboot binaries in complied form for the multiple platforms supported, in an easy to download way? (ie Windows, Linux and Mac)?
    In my current scenario I need to use the teensy_reboot as a companion tool to Teensy Loader, for triggering the bootloader on the board.

    Either one, would definitely come in very handy to ease firmware updates on smaller scale projects using Teensy.

    (fyi I've already been through this thread; after reading it, my point is slightly different: to have teensy loader work as a one stop shop for firmware updates; it only seems to be lacking the option to do the same that teensy_reboot does, to start the bootloader).

    Thank you
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    Just start a forum search for TyQT

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    Thanks for the Quick reply.

    I just had a quick look and it looks exactly like what we were looking for.
    I'll run tests on it later today but it looks great.

    ( Jumping a little ahead of myself, do you know the license terms for this program? In the future, we might consider a simple branding just by adding our, if the License permits. )

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    It's under MIT license.

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    Thanks a lot.

    I've already downloaded it and I can not express my appreciation enough. It just fixes so many little annoyances when dealing with Teensy and makes everything so much smoother and straightforward to use:

    No fuss firmware upgrades, clear indication of the COMM port (no more trawling through device manager), perfect Serial console behavior with disconnection support (I tremble at the idea of the "java" errors when trying to access the Serial COMM in Arduino), so many neat features!

    This tool should be given waaayy more visibility. It's a great companion for developers!

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    Indeed - TYQT makes using Teensy better for use in those and many more ways.

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