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Thread: Control LEDs over Artnet -> Teensy 3.2 & OctoWS2811 & WIZ820io & WS2812 LED Strips

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    Control LEDs over Artnet -> Teensy 3.2 & OctoWS2811 & WIZ820io & WS2812 LED Strips

    Hey Folks,

    im new to this forum and glad to have found it. :-)

    I bought a teensy, an octows2811 adaptor and an WIZ820io Ethernet Module. I would like to control a couple of LED Stripes over the Artnet Protocol (More than one dmx universe).

    Now my questions ist, how can i solder the WIZ820io module on the teensy 3.2 when i already soldered the Octo WS2811 to the board?

    Maybe someone can give me a hint in the right direction!

    Thx and sorry for my bad english.


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    Yes any info on this would be magical

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    The Ethernet Module is designed to sit on top of the Teensy and the OctoWS board below so physically they should fit.
    the Ethernet Module uses pin:
    9: RESET
    10: CS
    11: DOUT
    12: DIN
    13: SCK
    and the OctoWS board uses:
    2 LED Strip #1
    14 LED Strip #2
    7 LED Strip #3
    8 LED Strip #4
    6 LED Strip #5
    20 LED Strip #6
    21 LED Strip #7
    5 LED Strip #8
    15 & 16 Connect together
    4 Do not use
    3 Do not use as PWM
    12 Frame Sync (Video)

    so there shold be no conflicts here. the problem is the SD card uses pin 4 as Chip Select this might not be a problem if you dont use it in code but just to avoid potential strange issues i would clip that pin off of the Ethernet module.
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