I am making a plugin board for the teensy 3.1/3.2 with the sgtl5000 codec on it. Also have some pots and switches, OLED screen and so on. Will at some point be good for audio effects/stomp box.
But right now I am facing some troubles.
I get some strange noise from the output of the codec. It is not possible to attach mp3s here so I add a link to the working unit(standard teensy +audio shield) and the sound from my card.
Good: http://onkartgromt.no/bass/wp-conten...estWorking.mp3
Bad: http://onkartgromt.no/bass/wp-conten...teensytest.mp3

The layout on the board is not perfect regarding ground. The datasheet recommend a star connection on the analog side of the codec. But as far as I can see, that has not been done on the audio shield either.
The sound is recorded from the line out.
The noise is somewhat following the activity on the teensy.. its not constant at least.
Anyone seen (or heard) similar things?