The primary documentation page for the PJRC OctoWS2811 Adapter board is About 1/2way down it has a couple tables with the colors for standard RJ45 connectors.

These tables are misleading. They do NOT reflect the actual order of cables on pins.

For example, the Top RJ45 lists the colors as

This is NOT the order of wires in the RJ45.

The correct order, given on many web sites, is:
1 = White-Orange
2 = Orange
3 = White-Green
4 = Blue
5 = White-Blue
6 = Green
7 = White-Brown
8 = Brown

(example reference:
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The switching of White-Green and White-Blue is moot for our application since they are both ground. However the overall order starting with White-Orange vs Orange IS important.

My first cable for testing was a premade one, cut in half. It worked fine since I had just the colors to worry about. However, since I had a bunch of cable and crimp connectors, I figured I'm make new ones to size. I started to follow the table and something was off as I reviewed the HowToCrimpRJ45 videos.

Otherwise, loving it.
Thanks - Jerry