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Thread: is this setup possible?

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    is this setup possible?


    i want to process Audio. See my Block-Diagram attached.
    For this i need some assessment if this is possible or not.

    detailed description of my project:
    I want to mix the line input from SGTL5000 #1 with SGTL5000 #2 and additional the input from a mic (over PCM1803A ADC) -> PCM1803A compatible with audio library? maybee there is some "better" chip, which also handles the section "2x microphone preamp"?

    On SGTL5000 #1 the line output is connected to a power amplifier. For this i need volume and tone control (5 Band EQ). -> Could be done with SGTL5000 or should i use an external ic for that?

    The output from the second SGTL5000 is connected to a "FN-RM01" mp3 sound recorder module. This module should record the mixed output but without volume changes so level of recorded audio file is constant (maybee with automatic gain control?) -> necessary?

    As a general rule i want to have the opportunity to change some settings.
    for example:
    - only "internal" OR the "external" microphone is connected to the recorder module (SGTL5000 #2).
    - OR the mix from both SGTL5000 is connected
    - OR the mix from both SGTL5000 AND one of the microphones is connected.

    The last thing: The PT2811 should be able to output the signal for a subwoofer. I need settings for volume an cut off frequency.

    Is this a possible concept?

    Thank you!
    Regards Danie
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    No, I'm afraid not. This is too much.

    The PT2811 output uses the I2S hardware, so you can't have both PT8211 and SGTL5000 (or anything I2S).

    Your diagram also seems to show 3 stereo I2S input streams, but the maximum is 2. You can't have two SGTL5000 and also the PCM1803 streaming audio inputs at the same time. Only 2 chips can stream stereo data into Teensy.

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    Donīt know, if the record module cares about the level of the audio? If this is not the case i can use the second SGTL5000 for subwoofer output.

    I mention that, SGTL5000 only can used with LINE_IN OR MIC_IN? Both at the same time wonīt work, right?
    So maybe i can use the ADC from teensy for the two microphones instead?

    Is the audio shield usable for volume control? Or has it to less "steps"? What about the Equalizer?
    Which dB-range can volume control and equalizer cover up?

    On the SGTL5000 the output on headphone and line-out is allways the same? So they canīt be used as 2 different outputs?

    By the way: is there a complete schematic/wiring diagram, which includes two SGTL50000?
    I want to make my own board, but i am not sure about all connections!
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