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Thread: USB teensy does not wake up OS X computer

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    USB teensy does not wake up OS X computer

    I am running a simple USB keyboard example connected to a Mac computer with a teensy LC
    The sketch works fine and characters are being typed.

    But when i put the computer to sleep and try to use the teensy to send a character to wake it up, it does not wake up.

    Well, actually sometimes it works and sometimes the computer does not seem to notice the typing. At the same time, if i type something on a regular keyboard the computer does wake up.

    To insure the teensy is still getting power i also made pin 13/led blink. And it does continuously blink.

    Is there some trick i might be able to apply?


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    i wonder if this has to do with the problem of usb disconnect described here:

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    You can't send characters to wake the computer. You must use USB remote wakeup.

    I woke my Mac from sleep with a teensy 3.0

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    thanks a lot for this advice.
    i will try it tomorrow morning.

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    this works perfectly. thanks

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    Is there any chance to get this to work on Teensy 2.0 ?

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